Gallipoli Lodge of MMM almoner is Bro. S. E. ULUKAN.  Please email to [email protected]

Bro. S. E. ULUKAN role is briefly as follows:

  • Encouraging possible beneficiaries to make initial approaches if they are in need.
  • Providing the opportunity for Brethren, dependents or anyone acting on their behalf to discuss their problems confidentially.
  • Make applications to the Mark Benevolent Fund, on behalf of Mark Master Masons and/or their wives and dependents, who may have fallen on hard times or may be experiencing short-term financial difficulties. If a grant is awarded to administer its disbursement.
  • To be regularly in touch with all the widows, beneficiaries, aged or ill members.
  • Assessing and arranging payments for urgent medical consultations from private practitioners in the event that the NHS cannot provide a timely appointment or if an urgent second opinion is required. This option is open to all members.
  • Promoting the work of the Mark Masonic Charities at Lodge or similar meetings throughout the Province.

The Almoners page will be updated to include links to the latest MBF newsletters and Major Projects Grants as well as the Almoners Handbook and other Documentation.